Sunday, 15 May 2011

Doubles Experiment

Ever heard of multiple exposures?  Well I hadn't really until few months ago when I came across Lomography.  With digital cameras you can't really achieve this however with film its another story.  So multiple exposures is where you can take a picture on top of each other.  You can do a double exposure, or even 3, 4 is probably the max you want to do before the photo becomes complicated.

With some Lomography cameras you won't be able to do this, others you can click away before winding the film on.

One thing you can do is take a picture, turn the camera upside down and take the picture again, like the one above and the one below.

Another option to try is to load a film in one camera, take pictures on the roll, rewind the film, ensuring you don't rewind the full film back into the canister, otherwise it won't work and then load it in another camera and shoot again.  So this is what I did, I loaded the film in a Diana F+, took pictures of London and the loaded the film into a LC-A+ and shot pictures at home.  Some of my results (took me time to figure out what I took!).

The first picture was taken up the tube escalators and the second was a shot of a self reflection.

A scene of Tower Bridge and then me and Sin.  Can you see Tower Bridge by my ear?

And some didn't turn out well, one picture just didn't come through: -

See the rest of my pictures here

Can't wait to try this again


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