Friday, 29 April 2011

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

So today was the day that Prince William and Kate Middleton were pronounced husband and wife.  What a day it was, there were predictions of showers but they stayed away for the royal couple.

Sin and I decided to avoid the crowds this morning and opted for the warmth of the house (after all I only managed to get up shortly after 10am!).  We did decide to go out afterwards (more on that in another post) and managed to pick up 2 Special Editions of the Evening Standard.

Found an article with this picture which I liked: -

There was even an advertisement highlighting that the music was available to download on itunes!

I wish the happy couple all the best for the future...who knows they may even download the music to keep in their wedding memory box!


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Fever

Yes wedding fever is high in the UK right now, especially in London where people have started to camp out already!  Yes camp out!  Come on now, its not like they are going to see much!  In case you didn't know the reason why they have camped out is to see these two get married: -

Nah, only kidding ;-)...anyway yes one famous couple will be getting married tomorrow.

It then made me realise that myself and Sin have been married for nearly 2 years now, and having a clear out yesterday at home, I came across just some of my wedding bits

Photo albums, photos, marriage certificate (never really looked at it until yesterday!), my shoes and much more!  Seeing all this makes me want to relive the day again!  (just want to stress not getting married again, but actually just experiencing that day again with Sin)  As it seems so long ago, I don't really remember much, I don't even remember going toilet that day, not that I would be able to with my dress!  Now talking about my dress, I am debating whether or not to sell it.  I won't ever wear it again but its my wedding dress ... decisions.

Anyway enough of me talking wedding jibberish as I could actually go on for ages!  Although I am not a fan of the monarchy, I do wish William and Catherine all the best


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

容祖兒, Joey Yung, Concert Live at Royal Albert Hall

For many of you, you probably won't have a clue who she is.  Joey is a cantopop singer from Hong Kong, and she came over to the UK to do a show, her first ever in Europe, and me and Chi were lucky to go along last night, thanks to Sin.

I use to be a massive fan of Joey, all her CDs, on my ipod, singing away, but over the last few years I've just lost track, lost track of her music, lost track of chinese music in general.  So when I heard she was coming to the UK, I was excited but at the same time apprehensive as I didn't know any of her new music and had forgotten the words to her old!  Not a good start!

Oh well, not to worry. So off to the Royal Albert Hall we went, yes she held it at the Royal Albert Hall; and weren't we in for a treat, 3 hours worth! yippee!  Interesting fact is that she is the first female chinese singer to perform at the Royal Albert Hall and only the third chinese singer to do so!  Thought I would throw that in!

We sat at the top, but the first row, the view was still good and I took my SLR so was able to get some good shots.  Joey not only looked good, she sounded good!  Thanks to last night I am busy searching my old music to find her songs, I hope to see her again, she was great!


Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Birthday Sin! xoxo

Yes, its Sin's birthday today, 25 all over again! ;-)... to be honest the other day I was trying to work out our age as I had completely forgotten, even then it took me time to work it out, whats the difference between 2011 and 1982?  Something like that 10 years ago would not have troubled me, 2 seconds and the answer would be at the tip of my tongue, while now, 2 minutes would be a good time!

So yes Sin's birthday.  Every year I wonder what we should do, as I want to make it special.  This year we decided on a BBQ as the weather recently has been so good.  Now unfortunately as I was busy being the host and cooking, I didn't manage to take any pics on my digital sources, i.e iphone or SLR, so no photos to share at present.  :-(  oh well, all I can say was that Sin had a lovely time, playing with the BBQ, realising that Lumpwood is better than Brisketts, catching up on friends, have a laugh with the family and most importantly, is favourite past time of all, eating!

Happy birthday Sin, only 38 minutes to go before its the next day.....26th April...your sister's birthday!  Yes Sin's sister's birthday is a day after his! Easy to remember I guess!


Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Experiment, Speed Doubles

So whilst we were at the Carters Steam Fair two weeks ago and about to go, we were asked to pair up as we were about to take part in a 5 minute challenge.  I paired up with Becky and we were given an Action Sampler, loaded with Redscale film.

For those that don't know, Redscale film is normal film but loaded the other way round in the canister.  When you normally shoot film, you shoot on the glossy side, in the Redscale film, its the other side...something I learnt only a few weeks ago, anyway back to our experiment.

So we had 5 minutes to go round the fair, run, walk, do whatever we needed to shoot 36 photos.  So Becky and I just shot randomly, hoping for the best really.  Back we went after 5 minutes, the film was rewinded back, just enough that the last bit didn't go back into the canister.  The film then went into one of these....

The Fisheye 2!  So off we went again with 5 minutes on our clocks!

Now some turned out ok, some not, here some of the results: -

To see the Lomography post on this, go to

To see my full album, go to

All in all, a fun day!


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Charmed, The End of an Era

Sin decided to order the Box Set Charmed last year after seeing a bargain on  Although many of you probably know I do watch a lot of American Series ranging from The Vampire Diaries, to Gossip Girl to Hellcats (not Thundercats!), however Charmed was one series I never watched, not really sure why.

So we started watching it late last year, and we were speeding our way through each season.  Season 1, to season 2 and before you knew it we were on season 7, the penultimate season.  Thats when we started to slow down, and started to watch other stuff.  Today finally I was able to put in the last DVD on the box set into the Playstation.

Yeah!  I love endings, sometimes I even fast forward just to see what the ending is like and then go back...I'm not good.

So a bit about what Charmed is about, well its a series that started off in 1998 that lasted for 8 years.  The series follows 4 sisters (although you only get to see 3 at any one time) who are perceived as normal women but are in fact witches and are part of a line of very good witches going back in time.  Their destiny is to protect the innocence against evil which could involve demons.  As you can imagine life is never easy and they not only have to deal with evil they deal with normal day to day activities such as death, love and work.

So what would I give the series, probably a 7, only because sometimes there was such a build up to the episode and then it just cleared up within a few minutes if not seconds, which to me was not good.

So if you are looking for something to watch, let Sin know, I know hes looking to sell his box set now as we've watched it all.


Monday, 18 April 2011

The Day I Decided to Decapitate Hello Kitty

Yes the day finally came for me to decapitate my Kitty, my Hello Kitty Easter Egg! Well at least I still have one more!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hmmm, were you one of the 4 winners??

So the National Lottery was last night, a rollover at £16million!  Yes £16million!

So I'm not normally a gambler, but I had to get a few tickets for my hubby, he wanted to buy some hope along with load of other people.

Yes so 4 winners, I wish my husband was one of them.  What would I do with £4million if my husband was a winner?

Well: -
  • I wouldn't quit work totally, I probably would go part time, 4 or 5 day weekend?  Sounds good
  • Open a shop, maybe a cupcake shop or wedding planning shop
  • Book a holiday to Hong Kong, stop over at Singapore and maybe go to Taiwan
  • Book a holiday to the Maldives (thats where we had our honeymoon)
  • Pay off my Mortgage
  • Get a Audi TT (Yes I still want one of those)
  • Donate money to Japan
What would you do if you did win £4million?


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My New Love spends Sunday with me!

Weekend was packed with activities, and I'm still recovering from it, hence why no update on my blog for days, which is so unlike me!

So whats my new love you're wondering?  I wonder if this will grab Sin's attention btw, but anyway back to topic.  I booked myself onto a Lomowalk on Sunday.  A Lomowalk is a walk set up by the Lomography Store in London.  They kindly lent us one of their cameras for the afternoon, the LCA.  That is my new love!

So the LCA was what started Lomography.  It has a glass lens, unlike the other Lomography cameras.  It has a light reader so that it can manage apetures and shutter speeds, nothing for you to worry out.  It has a multiple exposure switch as well allowing me to take pictures on top of pictures.  It has a number of iso settings ranging from 100 to 1600.  You can also put a wide angle lens or change the back so that it takes  polaroids!  What more can I say?

So with my new love we went to the Carter's Steam Fair at Ravenscourt Park.  It is a family run Fair, with a lot of old rides and slot machines, really worth having a look.

Here are just some of the pics I took with the LCA

I didn't manage to go on the rides as for me, I'm getting old.  What I did manage to do was go to the Wall of Death Show

Text found from the website re the Wall of Death: -

'Wall of Death presents and operates Europe’s oldest motorcycle sport show.
For over 80 years the Messham family now in its fourth generation, have established and upheld an international reputation for excellence of performance and presentation of this unique and thrilling entertainment The Wall of Death.
“The smallest and steepest race track in the world.”
A visit to the Wall of Death fulfils the need for excitement, satisfies a lust for danger.
The spectacle of ever present danger, bravado coupled with the inevitable anticipation that something may go wrong as the artists cling to their machines, steering them with their feet, sitting sideways, backwards and forwards breaking down the forces of gravity.'

Just some of the pics I captured

The Steam Fair is at Ravenscourt Park to the 17th April, worth having a look if you have the time

Rest of my photos can be found here: -


Saturday, 9 April 2011

So when was your first Snog ;-)?

15? 16? or dare I ask? ;-)...only joking!  Ever seen this?

So what are you thinking now?  If I'm right in what you are thinking, you guys need to think again.  SNOG is all about Pure Frozen Yogurt.  Only came across this late summer last year, and was still a snog virgin to early part of this year!  Snog gives me many reasons why I should have this: -

  • lacks fat...brilliant!
  • shuns sugar...even better!
  • hardly any calories.....excellent!
If you haven't had one, you should definitely try one.  The shop is so funky, with groovy lights and loud music.  The service is brilliant!  The one I went to today had about 9 people serving, they were practically falling over each other!

The one I chose today was green tea flavour, with mango (one of my five a day...yeah!), granola and little chocolate hearts (yes, not so great!).   They have many toppings for you to choose from, the one I had cost £4.95 which was a special, as it would normally cost £6.  And see that pink spoon, its their limited edition SNOG spoon!  I love pink!

If you want more information check out their site


Thursday, 7 April 2011

What a lovely Summer really here?

Yes it was another gorgeous and sunny day today.  I don't want to jinx it but is Summer really here?  Its so nice seeing my flowers blooming in the garden after the hard work I did last year, digging up the ground to plant all those bulbs...yes it was hard work in my books!

My lovely daffodil from the garden

With flowers blooming, the sun shining, evenings staying lighter, there is even more reason now to be happy.  Look at the lovely sky below!


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Love of Monopoly

At a young age, one of my favourite games was Monopoly.  Always looking for ways to win, build houses and hotels, that was fun!

So imagine my happiness when I saw McDonalds was doing the Monopoly game today.  Lots of chances to win they say, I had 4 chances today, but my colleague had 9!  Wow.  Unfortunately I didn't get any properties but I didn't manage to win a Big Mac.  Yum yum.

So if you are into McDonalds, or into Monopoly, Maccy D's is the place to be!  

I'm love Monopoly so much I even have it on my phone and my ipad! Sad I know! 



Monday, 4 April 2011

Secret Addictions

Thanks to Sin, he gave me the title of the blog today.  This morning while we were getting ready for work, Sin had his phone on the side, with this game on, called Haypi Kingdom.  Sin plays this game on his phone virtually every day and even has alarms set for them...not really sure what they are for and what the game is about!

Not only has Sin installed this on my phone, he has installed it on my ipad!

So whats my secret addiction?  Well I don't own up all the time, but I love watching The Only Way is Essex!  The relationships on there and the stuff that the guys say do make a good viewing.  If you haven't watched one episode, maybe give it a go!

So whats your secret addiction?


Sunday, 3 April 2011

I Love You Mum

For us in the UK, its Mothers Day. Mothers Day is celebrated on different days around the world.

This day may have emerged from a custom of mother worship in ancient Greece.  In Europe there were several long standing traditions where a specific Sunday was set aside to honour motherhood and mothers
In the UK and Ireland, this day is the 4th Sunday in Lent.  For countries like Hong Kong and USA, its tje second Sunday of May.

So I decided to invite my family around to mine for dinner.  M&S Dine In for £15, yum yum.  As it was probably going to be busy at all the restaurants today, I thought that would be the best option.  We can always go to dinner another time.

Yes we got all that for £15!  

Sin decided to get mum some sushi as well as she loves that, a bit weird to go with the roast, but remember us Chinese likes to eat weird and wonderful things. See 

Thank you mum for everything! I love you



I finally decided to go through my stuff and sell things on ebay. Why?  Need to make room for the new season! I somehow managed to form this huge pile!

So what are the top tips for ebay?  Well here are mine: -

  • Try to have the finish time in the evening, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs.  Avoid Friday and Saturday as who will be on the phone on Ebay while in a club?  Don't have it finishing during the day, as if you're at work, chances are everyone else is.
  • Try to have as much information in your title, thats what grabs people's attention
  • Have a look at similar items, to determine your start price
  • The lower your price, the more attention it can capture, if you are worried about the price you will end up selling it at, have a reserve on it
  • Have something in the description about not being held liable if Royal Mail loses it in the post.  Well its not your fault!  Make sure you obtain proof of postage.
Want to find me on yikyan1688