Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week in Instagrams #8

The O2 arena...getting ready for Eason
Eason in concert

Loving the lights at Eason
My Hello Kitty Momiji dolls

My iphone covers
Its Sin vs Food like Man vs Food

Sin Wins at the ribs challenge!
Sin's Birthday Cards

Sin doing his exercise after his ribs challenge!
Loving the Helca stickers

My new iphone creations....the Marc Jacobs inspired is at £15
The Japanese doll is £8

Jamie's yummy
Avengers Assemble....the film was fantastic

My meat platter at Jamie's Italian
My Linguine with Clams at Jamie's Italian

Snow White and the Huntsman...can't wait!


Hello Cavities

I came across Hello Cavities a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with their products

Sharon is so talented and has created Planet Helca which is a world of costumes, candy and cavities.  One of her products are t-shirts which can be found at her Etsy shop here.

Not normally a wearer of t-shirts I fell in love with Hello Cavities t-shirts straight away.  There are many inspired character ones, such as Little Mermaid, and minnie mouse.  For those that know me, I picked Hello Kitty although I do now wish I also got the little mermaid one as well!

Loving my t-shirt...thank you Hello Cavities! 


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 15

  • Thank you to everyone who supported us on the day of our audit at work, really grateful for us pulling as a team that day
  • Thank you to Helen for my Oreo was really yummy

  • Thank you to Yik and Amy for my new Hello Kitty iphone case
  • Thank you to Sin for coming with me to the Steps Concert

  • Thank you to mummy Wong for a lovely Korean dinner
  • Thank you to my followers on instagram and comments, currently on 109 followers.  
  • Thank you to my dad for making us dinner on Saturday, we got home late after the airport and we had dinner waiting for us!
  • Thank you for my Versatile Blogger Award




Week in Instagrams #7

So and mrs zebras
30s...great! downhill very soon

My new Hello Kitty Bumper Phone Case
Oreo Chocolate cupcake....thank you Helen

Hello Kitty Heinz tins!!
Our sushi plates, taken about 2 to 3 minutes apart

The Sun is trying to break through!
My new Hello Kitty phone case, thank you Amy and Yik!

Love this 'Love' photoframe
The lovely London Night sky

Our Korean Dinner! Yum Yum


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Chloe at Giada Beauty for my latest award....the Versatile Blogger Award.  If you haven't been to Chole's blog, you really should.  She's currently doing a giveaway, so even more reason to have a look.

When I started this blog never did I thought I would receive any awards, let alone my third one now.

Here are the rules:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are new to blogging
2. Let them know you have nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post 

7 Random facts about me: -
  1. I get cold very easily, so will avoid air conditioning at all costs
  2. Big F1 fan
  3. Loves American TV....Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, Ringer.........
  4. I can't cook and hate cooking
  5. I have OCD, bit like Monica from Friends
  6. I've been to 3 of the New 7 Wonders of the World...Colosseum, Petra and Great Pyramid of Giza
  7. I have never read or watched Harry Potter
The bloggers I nominate are as follows: -
Sorry I couldn't award the other blogs that I follow.....


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week in Instagrams #6

Didn't take as many photos at the beginning of the week, but managed to take a few.....

Smartie mini eggs...not as nice as Mini Eggs
Jenson Button in the new Hugo Boss campaign...mmmmm

Lovely breakfast, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon


Tokidoki - boyfriend and girlfriend, the milk mafia!
Hot and sour soup made by my dad

My new Hello Kitty Easter plush
I am pushing hard in the gym!

This cat is constantly appearing in our garden!
Look what I found in my brothers room.  Shame he is selling it

In my brothers room, hunting for goodies whilst he is on hols!
Draw something with me and Sin!

Momiji site
So cute in the Oasis window

Painting my nails whilst watching the F1
The panda is keeping an eye on me!

Cases I made as custom orders