Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lomography - The 10 Prophecies

Lomography launched its 10 Prophecies about a month ago.  You're probably like me now and saying "What the hell are they?"

Well Lomography as you know is all about analogue, no need for digital cameras, computers mobile phones etc.  The 10 Prophecies are based around the Analogue future.  The Prophecies spell out how to turn the Lomography vision into a reality.  

Lomography has launched a competition around these prophecies.  The idea is to take one of the prophecy stickers or posters, post them up and take a picture of it.  

I decided to use the afternoon to do a bit of shooting with my Diana F+

The 10 Prophecies

Unfortunately the one downside to Lomography and Analogue is that you don't get to see the pictures straight away.   So I know this goes against analogue but I really wanted to show you what I got up to, so I used my mobile!!!

So heres a few: -

I wonder how my Diana photos will come out...anyway my photos of the prophecies can be found here: -


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New Job

Yes I can finally say it....I have a new job!! So excited!

Announcement came out today!  Not sure when I start though but am very excited.  Will be sad to say bye to a lot of people as after all I had been in my store for 3 years, the longest I had ever been in any store, as Ealing was 11 months, Victoria was 18 months and Kensington was just over a time flies.

What have I achieved in the three years?  Well lots and I want to say a huge thank you to everybody there who have helped me over the last three years.  I got married, did one floor for 2 weeks before going onto the ground floor.  Did a food job for two years and absolutely hated it at first but love it now! Did 2 Christmas's on Foods!  A number of sales, performed on Croydon's Got Talent (yes I sang and danced!), the list goes on.

New job comes with new challenges and adventures, I look forward to whats ahead


Tuesday, 29 March 2011


What can I say about Glee?  Where do I start? I guess one thing I do want to say is, if you haven't watched it, where have you been?  Glee is probably one of the best shows around at the moment, even Sin watches it and my brother which I think says a lot!  (Ok sometimes I do have to make Sin watch it with me ;-)!)

I even have Glee songs on my iphone! (I do like the One Direction version of this song as well, just to add).

Now these songs are so addictive, although not the usual group of singers you would normally rave about in the charts, these guys can actually sing.  Not only that they do a good dance too!  Who saw the Thriller dance?  Wasn't that good?  If you haven't seen it, you need to!

Even Simon Cowell has been talking about it!

And thanks to Sin, I'm seeing them live in concert!  So excited! I love Finn....(don't tell Sin!)


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hong Kong Shopping Haul

I know I seem to have had a lot haul blogs recently but I really wanted to show you these.

My mum and dad had been in HK for 3 weeks and came back today.  I did get a text yesterday afternoon from Cathy Pacific telling me that their plane was departing at 0:25am.  The scheduled time was 1:05am, so I wondered what was happening.  On the net it said exactly the same thing and that it was arriving here at 6.20am.  I assumed that Cathy hadn't updated their hours on the net so they were going to arrive at 7.20am instead, after all the clocks were going forward.

So left the house at 6.30am to get to Heathrow, got a call at 7am saying that they were waiting for me...oops, they had landed at 6.10am! oh well.....I still got my pressies from my mum!

Mum managed to give me stuff - enough to fill a suit case!

Starting from top left hard corner, going clockwise, paper face masks, hanging hand towels, sweets and snnacks, more whitening paper face masks, melon sweets, cow seat (more on that later), Missha BB Cream Cleansing Oil and Missha Beauty Products!

So majority of the gifts were beauty products, but the thing I'm sure you think stick out is the cow seat.  So what is the cow seat?

Well its a flatpack box, when made up, you get to sit on it, brilliant for storage and excellent as a seat, strong enough to even stand on it!  Did have another animal as well (this I brought myself when I went back 2 months ago, but did not have enough luggage space!), but mum had to send it for me as she didn't have luggage space!

I want to go back to HK and shop!!!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Just a small reminder

In case some of you have forgotten, very shortly you have to forward your clocks, one less hour for us in the UK :-(....oh well


Nails Inc Beauty Haul Part 2

A couple of days ago, I spoke about the special edition that I had ordered from Nails Inc.  The package arrived the other day and I wanted to share it wit you as I am very excited over it.

I used the opportunity to buy some other bits as well!  A girl can never have too many nail varnishes...oh and the pink nail varnish was a gift.  You can become a member with Nails Inc for £5 a year.  You get 10% off every purchase, a free nail varnish and a birthday present.  Yes I am a sucker for deals like that.

Anyway back to the special edition, the packaging was gorgeous, it had a great britain flag bow, which was very cute and then a number of crowns on the packet.

The finished piece!

I managed to try the Kensington Top Coat as well, I had heard some good reviews on this but wasn't too sure.  I applied a coat after the colour, it went on very easily and very smooth and it dried very quickly.  My nails feel really good after the top coat...something I would definitely recommend!

I placed a second order with Nails Inc, yes 2 in one week!  They were doing a lucky dip, 5 nail varnishes, 1 was to be the Chelsea Base coat, for £10.  Normal cost £56!  What a bargain! Sorry, I didn't manage to get the message across sooner as I was at work.  This offer sold out by about midday!  I will keep you in the loop of any offers in the future


Friday, 25 March 2011

Apple Launch - Is it worthit?

With just over a year since the first ipad launched, Apple are releasing their ipad 2.  So many people have been queueing for over 2 days! Yes two days!  Would you do something like that?  I definitely wouldn't.  I did think about if I would queue for anything for that long....hmmm.  Not sure.  I did queue 3 hours to get a 'I'm not a Plastic Bag' from Anya Hindmarch in New York, but I don't think I could queue for much longer.

So is the ipad 2 worthwhile?  Well it is lighter, slimmer and has a camera.  Can you imagine holding the ipad 2 up in a concert taking a pic???  Over the pass few months I have turned into an Apple Freak, with a iphone, macbook air and ipad, so will I get the ipad 2 to join the collection?  Probably not.  The functions on the ipad are suitable for me as it is, I don't need the extra functions, and I think with my collection of cameras, I don't think I would need another one to add to the collection so soon!

Good luck to all the people below, who were in the queue at Bluewater today at 8.30pm, I hope you were able to get a nice ipad 2.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lucky day with lots of goodies = Shopping Spree!!!

Today was definitely a day full of surprises for me, lots of gifts! Well actually I did buy them for myself but oh well, a girl has to spend now and again.  So I thought I would show you all the stuff that I received today and some of the bargains!

Royal Mail was the first to leave me my goodies from Spoiled Brat.  This is an online website with Designer Clothing.  I had never heard of it before, but came across it on Groupon.  Groupon last week was selling a £50 voucher for £17....bargain!  So what did I get?

Something nice from Irregular Choice...loved the shoes, never really noticed their accessories

A cross the body bag from Irregular Choice

With lovely charms on the side

Storm Purse

The next item was a a gift....thank you Sin! Going to see Joey in April! Yippee!!

Thanks to Madame Moi, my lovely brooches came today as well with a lovely message.

Finally I got some bits from Body Shop at half the price! What a bargain, thanks Christina!

I love shopping!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nails Inc Beauty Haul

Thought I would do a Beauty Haul blog today.  On You Tube many people do videos on this so I thought it would be my turn today.  I haven't got the actual products to show but I have ordered them, so will show them later.

As I had previously mentioned the Royal Wedding is not long away and I had showed the items that had started to appear on the market.  Nails Inc has joined the trend.  They have launched two new special editions which I absolutely love.

Two crystal nail!! They look absolutely stunning...have ordered mine to join my everlasting growing collection!  (Order from Nail Inc and use the voucher code MARCH20 to get 20%!)

(My lovely Nails Inc Collection)

My favourite one is the one that I got free with the Diet Coke offer...wasn't that offer brilliant????

And my blog wouldn't be the blog without a bit of Hello Kitty. I don't have Hello Kitty nail varnish, but eye shadow!!!


Monday, 21 March 2011

Who's got the X Factor?

O2 yesterday was bombarded with screaming teenage girls and their mums and then there were 5 of us, 5 twentysome colleagues who probably did not fit into the X Factor fan category!

We started off the evening by enjoying some dinner at las iguanas.  The menu was a laugh or maybe I was thinking in a weird way.

I thought the menu said you could ask for a girlfriend (gf)!  Bobo, a Brazilian Classic....but however after a few seconds I realised it meant gluten free! Silly me!

We even managed to squeeze in time to be silly!

Can you spot us?

So anyway back to the main topic...who in our eyes would have the X Factor tonight? Was Wagner going to impress us for once? What about Katie, would she throw a strop or actually sing?  The line up included Matt, Rebecca, One Direction, Cher, Mary, Wagner, Katie, Aiden and Paige.  ONE DIRECTION!!!!  Cher opened the show and after a few more songs she was on again, with no sign of One Direction!!  Where were they??  Well they definitely left the best to last!  Finally when they got on, they did not disappoint!  They sung Rhianna and Kelly Clarkson, two of their best songs on the show.

Chris and Dom having a good time! 

Rebecca was amazing and stunning while Matt took our breath away! Even the boys were shouting 'I Love Matt Cardle'!

Although after hearing such amazing voices on the night (excl Wagner and Katie!), the real stars who had the real X Factor had to be this bunch........


photos can be found on is however taking time to upload!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Now its their turn.....

As Sin and I are getting older its now the turn of the youngsters in our family to cook for us....bring on my brother Yik & Amy!!! (getting embarrassed already!)

Sin and I got to taste some new dishes that originate from China (China at times has different dishes from Hong Kong), including Chicken that had been cooked with beer and chillies!

Thank you Amy and Yik (we even got soup and a dessert!)....Sin and I were very full!  We look forward to our next invite ;-)


Friday, 18 March 2011

Britain and proud to be British

With the Royal Wedding not long to go (Thank you to Prince William and Catherine for my extra day's holiday), many retailers are tapping into this to make money.  I came across this shop in London the other day who is not only tapping into this but showing the world that they are very much proud to be British.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Show Japan Your Love

I was inspired by the Lomography site after reading their article/competition called 'Help Japan - A Hug goes a Long Way'.  The idea of this was to show Japan our love, support and that we care.

Some say the power of a Hug is worth more than gold.  As a child, when we were scared and sad, a hug from an elder or a friend was enough to help us get through a hard time.  

Lomography users were then encouraged to submit photos of hugs, hearts and encouragement.  So I wanted to use the post today to show Japan my love and support for them by using some of my photos.

Next time you see a heart or see someone hugging, think of Japan.

I wanted to also use the opportunity to ask for your support.  Madame Moi has created a Pray for Japan brooch, based on a Japanese flower.  Check out the video below: -