Sunday, 9 September 2012

August Jolie Box

I recently subed to Jolie Box recently after cancelling my Glossybox.  The Jolie Box this month was a different  from the usual black box.  This month's box has been designed by Timai Hua, mine was a lovely range of pastel colours.

The box was about summer essentials, bits that I got as follows -
  • Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soap Packs - Not usually a sucker for soaps, but am keen to try these, apparently 18 uses....will be interesting
  • Phil Smith Dry Clean Revitalising Dry Shampoo - Normally only use Batitise, but will dry this, a must on my dressing table
  • So Susan Lip Cushion - A sheer gloss to tint and moisturise chapped lips - love the packaging, so pretty
  • So Susan Wide Awake Palette - Like the look of this.  Its a palette of skin-enhancing colour tools to give a summer flow
  • Joliebox Leather Hair Styling Lace - a leather lace to create endless updo's
I love the box, but not the contents,  I like the dry shampoo and the palette but thats about it.  Not sure why the leather lace is in the box, not really a beauty product in my eyes.  

Will keep Joliebox for one more box, and I will see how it goes, if it continues like this box then will be cancelling as well.


Our Trip to the Paralympics Part 2

So my husband got us some tickets for swimming and thats why I ended up going back to the Olympic Park, twice in one week!

So the aquatic centre was where we headed off to last week, we had the morning session so it was all about the heats.  The atmosphere was amazing, so many GB flags and everytime a member of GB went into the pool, the cheers went!  Wanting to be part of the experience, I also had my flag!

Although it was only the heats, we still managed to see new Paralympic Records and even World Records.  The swimmers were such an inspiration.  

Overall a good day, proud to be British!! 


Another Boots Haul!!

Oh dear, I have just been back from Boots with more goodies!!! So addictive! Anyway onto what I bought.....

I am loving the Revlon mirror, being short sighted I really needed a mirror that magnified and this has 3x and also you touch the base for 3 different light settings.  This was on clearance at £26.80 and I used my Boots thank you Boots!

Bourjois were doing 2 polishes at £8, normally £5.99 each.  

I finally caved in and decided to go and buy the lip butter, Berry Smoothie.  Not really a lover of lipsticks but loving how this goes on and is very soft and smooth, the colour wise is not too strong so definitely me.  It was quite hard to choose the colour as the testers at Boots were all over the place, and was in a bad state, bad enough it was over the counter! Anyway am glad I went with my instinct on this one.

Final thing that I got were some Karen Millen Sunglasses, the sun might be gone today but I'm sure we will get a few more days of sun before we head into winter.  These were originally £50 but were half price....oh I love a bargain!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Today's Successful Haul

Today wasn't meant to be a shopping haul, but it ended up being just that!!!  I guess I was born to shop!

I got this whole set of pin badges...each day of the Olympic Games, one badge was released and I love the fact that it can be made into the shape of the Coca Cola Bottle!!

Thanks to Nivea, they gave me a bag of samples at Westfield.  

This sparkly jumper is from M&S, £35.  Loving the colour, but felt weird this as it was 22 degrees outside at the time!!

Thanks to O2 Priority Moments and my hubby, I got 2 sets of haircare for free at Body Shop, costs £10 each!

Got these lovely EDTs and body washes from Victoria Secrets, each one costs between £9 and £11, I got all 5 for £25!

So didn't actually spent much but felt quite a successful day


Our Trip to the Paralympics Part 1

I never got tickets to the Olympics but a few weeks ago finally managed to get some for the Paralympics.  Never did I think that I would go and get involved but it was definitely worth while.  I went there twice, first with my family minus Sin and we go an Olympic Park Ground Pass, at £5 it was really worth doing.  Although it didn't allow us to get into the venues, we got to go around in the grounds in the park and viewing some of the sites.

The Orbit...weird looking structure

One of the two Mcdonalds

Coca Cola Beat played music

Me, Amy and Mandeville

Aren't they cute?

A picture of us to end the day.....

Lots of fun.....part 2 to come....