Monday, 18 July 2011

Beauty Review - Nails; The Crackle Effect

Thought I would do a quick review on the Crackle Effect for those lovely nails.  I finally gave in a few weeks ago to buying my first bottle.  Not really sure why I didn't join the craze initially.  So I tried two versions, first the Barry M Version and then Nails Inc Glitter Effect.

With the Barry M Version, I opted for the black crackle effect.  It was really easy to apply and it went on just like normal nail polish and within a few seconds the crackle started appearing.  Very good value for money at £3.99.  The Boots in my area had other colours incl White, blue and pink.

I then came across Nails Inc's version, but in a gold glitter colour.  Bit more expensive, actually a lot more at £11.00.  I didn't find this one as easy as the Barry M one and the crackle effect wasn't as great as the Barry M.  They have recommended painting in other directions, so will give that a go.  I have to admit I do prefer the Barry M one, but maybe the Nails Inc will grow on me.

A lot of people have commented and even thought I got them done in a Nail Parlour!  SO if you haven't tried them before, definitely worth a go


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Journey to Work...First attempt

So I'm in to taking pictures with a number of cameras, and Sin always asks me which camera is it today.  I always search for themes or activities, so Sin set me the challenge to take a series of pictures of my journey to work.

When I'm in work mode, I do tend to forget about everything else, such as my hobbies, so this was going to be hard.  I have to admit, I did well for the first 10 mins of the day and the last 5 mins of the day.  Will need to try again later on in the week!

The sun!!

The train has taken most of the people on the platform!

So quiet on the train, no one here!

I like space and yes I'm getting old!

My Metro, have a read and then a quick power nap

On way home, again no one in front of me!

Wheres the sun???


Saturday, 2 July 2011

In The Heart of East London

If you mentioned at the beginning of the year East London to me, I would have thought about Lord Sugar, Spitalfields and Brick Lane.  

Now when you mention it, I will add Graffiti art to that list.  Over a month ago I joined a Lomography walk and found so much art, art that I would never have appreciated before.

With some of the art, it is so small you really have to open up your eyes and look down!

I took so many pictures, that I can't put them all on my blog.  Find them here Album 1Album 2