Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Day in the World

I came across this on fat mum slim's site and was immediately drawn to this and really wanted to give this a go.   So this came from a movement called 'A day in the world' who were encouraging people to pick up their cameras and snap away.  The idea was to snap daily life and share in a worldwide photographic event.  Unfortunately it was only up until May 22nd, however I decided to do it anyway.

I started off well, but then it slowly died down, here was my day last weekend

The time I woke up 

Getting ready for the gym

My breakfast

Just posing for the camera before I have to do some work

My lunch - pastie and coleslaw

Afternoon text from my husband

And its go go go at the Monaco GP

Time to unbox one of the Beauty Boxes....look at the goodies!

Prepping a salad for the evening

I used my digital camera for this and its fair to say I failed.....think I will try again this weekend


May 2012 GlossyBox Review

So Happy Birthday Glossybox as they celebrated one year!  So what did they have in store for us?

Well a bumper box full of goodies!

So what did I get:
  • Noble Isle - Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel - love the cent
  • Lolita Lempicka - L'Eau en Blanc and Si Lolita - so cute
  • Weleda Body Milk - problem with this is that its in another language!!!
  • Uniqone All in One Hair Treatment
  • Let's Go Lashes
  • Compact Glossybox Mirror
  • Glossybox balloon
So although a number of goodies, still something I'm not completely over the moon with.  I probably was expecting more from their birthday box.  I think I will use the Shower Get, perfume and possibly the hair treatment and thats about it.  As for the eye lashes I'm not sure, in three boxes I have recieved a pair of eyelashes, last time I had fake eyelashes on were for my wedding and even then someone put the on for me!  Maybe I need to try them out....will see.

What did you think of the box?  I think I will give Glossybox one last go and if I'm not impressed, I think I will cancel my subscription


Week in Instagrams #9

This is for last week, my two weeks in Hong Kong I will do in another post

My snacks from Hong Kong
My Hello Kitty Leopard slippers, two of my favourite things

Omg look at the temp and also how dusty my car is!
Managed to leave work at a reasonable time and also look at the heat!

My teatime treat
Hello Kitty Beanie at £3.88!

My Beauty haul from Hong Kong (this is only half of it!)
My plushes from Hong Kong!

Aren't these tofu plushes cute?
Mashimaro plush, so cute!

Wow, look at the temp!
My green tea latte

Unsure of where I would rather be
Fingers crossed!

My Hello Kitty Earrings from my husband
All the Jubilee stuff I came across in one day


April 2012 GlossyBox Review

Very late but it was only last week that I managed to open all my boxes.  So first up is the April Edition.  This time its all about Natural Beauty.  Five Natural Beauty Products with 'green' goodness!  The box was a 100% biodegradable box.

So the 5 products I got were: -

  • Caudalie - Vinosource SOS Thirst - Quenching Serum
  • Inika Organic Eyeliner in Green Lagoon 
  • Monu Professional Enriched Body Cream
  • Figs & Rogue Lip Balm
  • Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm
I'm a bit disappointed with this box, I really like the concept of Natural Beauty but the products in here were not the things I would normally use.  I will use the lip balm, the eye liner (love the colour) and thats about it.  

Glossy Box needs to improve otherwise I will probably stop my subscription.  If you subscribe to Glossybox what did you think?


Weekly Gratitude Week 16

As I've been away, I've probably missed the last 4 weeks, so I will try to recall my last four weeks.

  • Thank you to my mum and dad for taking us to the airport
  • Thank you to my husband for taking me to Hong Kong, taiwan and Macau

  • Thank you to my sister in law for allowing us to stay with her in Hong Kong, sorry if we caused a messed ;-)
  • Thank you to everyone who treated us to some kind of meal whilst we were away, Sin and I got very fat!

  • Thank you to my dad for picking us up at the airport, although I didn't really want the holiday to end
  • Thank you to my team for helping me with my job over the last two weeks
  • Thank you to my colleagues for looking after my team over the last two weeks
  • Thank you to the kind lady on our Taiwan tour for giving me mobile charms she made herself, they were so sweet

  • Thank you to the restaurant for giving me a flower on Mothers Day, although I'm not a mother, it was really kind of them
  • Thank you to my mum and dad for helping me mow the lawn whilst we were away
  • Thank you to my mum for painting my bathroom whilst we were away
  • Thank you to my husband for changing his diet for me
  • Thank you to my new followers on instagram as I have gained quite a few over the past few weeks, thank you for the likes and comments


PS I'm sorry if I have missed anything, will be back to normal next week

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Yes the list is out from Fat Mum Slim.  I managed to keep May going and kept to one theme, which I will publish probably at the end of the week.  In the mean time see the list below if you want to join in.  I think the theme I will keep to this month is keeping to the same colour tone.

If you are joining in, let me know your instagram user name so that I can follow you.

Have fun


Beauty Box Swap Update

Just wanted to let you know that my Beauty Box Swap page is updated.  Tab is at the top.  Message me if you are interested.  


Sunday, 27 May 2012


Sorry this is late.....

(Day 30 makes me sad, because thats the time I am having to get ready for bed)