Thursday, 30 August 2012

Battle of the Primers

I have been meaning to do this post for some time....its finally here.  Like BB Creams, Primers are beginning to swamp the Beauty Market, not that I'm claiming!!  I first came across Primers when I came across BB cream about 5 years ago.

Missha BB Boomer
This was the my first Primer and one that I have used for the last 5 years.  I found it very difficult to give it up and try something else.  I like this Primer as it has a pearlescent finish, very easy to apply and it definitely makes my BB Cream last longer.  It also boasts it has brightening and wrinkle repairing effects...not that I have noticed!  You can see from the swatch below, its white with a little shimmer, easy to rub in.

(This is available in my 100 followers giveaway)

Benefit Porefessional
I got my first test of this from Glamour a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it straight away.  It has a matt finish and after application, you don't feel like its there, while with the Missha Boomer you can definitely feel it.  I haven't noticed my pores smalleer after using it, but I do definitely like this and have already bought my replacement one

This is very light and watery but I love the grape scent to it.  I've only used this twice but definitely keen to try it again

Benefit That Girl
I got this with Glamour like the Porefessional (yes I bought another copy of the magazine just for the freebie!)  This is pink and has a scent to it, not too bad but not my kind of smell.  I found this very watery from the tube and after application definitely didn't feel it did a thing and even after applying my bb cream it definitely felt very heavy.  Not one that I will try again

MUA Primer
This was the cheapest primer I have used, think it was either £1 or £2, found this very watery and I didn't think it settled into my skin well compared to the other primers.  Will give this another go but will probably not buy this again

So the Primer that won....well there wasn't one winner, but two, Missha BB Boomer and Benefit Porefessional!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another Craft Project

I did another project after coming across from Pinterest.  Hopefully I can update it with more dates in the future


200th Post....100 Follower Giveaway

What a coincidence, my 200th Post and I want to announce my first giveaway.  Once I hit 100 Followers, I will be doing a little mini giveaway of some of my favourite products (only 16 more to go).  Please help me share and hopefully I can do this soon....

  1. Missha Boomer Cream (Primer)
  2. Skin Food Sleeping Mask
  3. My Beauty Diary Face Masks x 2

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Recent Boots Haul

Have been constantly in Boots buying stuff recently, can't help myself!

I came across Good Things on someone's blog and really wanted to try it because of the scents.  Boots have them at a third off at the moment so couldn't resist and I have to say definitely worth getting.  The 5 minute Face Mask really does leave you feeling refreshed.  Its a clay mask, and hardens in less than a minute, really nice scent, love, love, love!

Essie finally has arrived in the UK and these were my second purchase.  I seem to have an addition to blue/purple at the moment!


I found this Purse size Marc Jacobs, now it will sit nicely next to my phone case in my bag!

I also bought this Barry M Nail varnish (mind the uncleaned nails), loving the colour. 

Wonder what my next buys will be....


London 2012 Wenlock and Mandeville Part 2

My adventures for Wenlock and Mandeville continue......

26 found on a sunny day....still many more to find



Having joined Pinterest sometime ago, I went back to using it a couple of weeks back and got inspired by a fellow blogger Erin (

Erin started a Daily Gratitude board for her husband with some wallpaper and a frame from the £1 shop and I fell in love with it straight away.  Since being married I tend not to send sweet texts to my husband anymore and I thought if I did this, I could at least leave some surprise messages for my husband in the morning.

Its taken my husband to catch on to the idea, he hasn't left me as many messages but he does occasionally...

Even my brother and his girlfriend have chose to write on it!

So why not try something different today......


Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympics 2012 - The People's Games

I can't believe this is coming to an end if not ended already.  I remember the day that we won the bid to host the Olympics, all those years ago and now the games have been and gone.

This year I remember my relatives asking me when I was in Hong Kong 'Are you looking forward to the Olympics?', my response was a straight forward 'no'.  To me at the beginning of the year Olympics didn't mean much to me, I just saw it as a pain as it was going to cause me traffic problems...the cycle race was round the area I work.

However as the week has unfolded I have warmed to the Olympics.  Been to Team GB house, held the Olympic Torch (ok, one of them), I stayed up to as far as I could to watch the opening ceremony (I was up at 5am that morning), watched a bit of the cycle race, learnt what the word Pentolon meant,  looked for Wenlock and Mandeville,  jumped up and down and screamed at the screen, protesting when GB was robbed of a gold in the gymnastics....the list goes on.

These games have been amazing, to be third in the medal table is unbelievable.  Well done to everyone who took part and won a medal.   You did us all proud.  I particularly enjoyed watching Phelps in the swimming, Mo Farrah in the 5000m and 10000m, Chris Hoy becoming the best British Olympian of all time, 6 gold medals and Tom Daley in the diving (so hyper when he won a medal!).  Definitely Our Greatest Team by miles!

I even attempted the Mo Farrah pose!

The sports were not the only thing that was great.  The closing ceremony was brilliant.  We had some of the best of british music....Spice Girls reunion!! Can't get better than that!


Friday, 10 August 2012

Beauty Box Swaps Birthday Swaps

Recently it was Beauty Box Swaps First Birthday and in the group we decided to do some box swaps.  I took part in two, two lovely ladies.  Jayne at and Rachel.

With Jayne both our birthdays were very close.  Jayne's birthday was in July and mine in August so we chose to do it around birthdays and the birthday months.

Thank you Jayne, I love my box.... I've had the whole chocolate bar within an hour or so!!

With Rachel we chose our wedding colour as the theme.  Rachel had pink, so I did a pink box for Rachel and my wedding was a purple theme.

This is what I got for Rachel ....

Heres my box...thank you Rachel


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Gradient Nails

I was inspired by Traci @ and Tia @ to try out a new design on my nails, Gradient nails.  I chose to do the base as mint first and then using a make-up sponge, dab on purple to create the gradient.

Not the best on my first attempt, hopefully my next attempt will be good as good as Traci's and Tia's.


My Benefit Haul

Glamour magazine gave a free Benefit gift a few months back and since then I have been hooked.

The first gift I got was the Porefessional.  I had heard many things about this and was pleased I got this over the Bad Gal mascara.  I have always been a fan of primers (will do a review on this later ) and my pores around my nose are large so was desperate to try this.  I love this product and then because I was so worried I would run out, I went to the Benefit shop in Covent Graden to pick up a full size tube.

One tube meant I came back with a bag!

I got sucked into buying another product because of the free gifts! But also I knew I needed to try a new blusher as I was finding my Mac one too pinky for me as I don't have much of a tan anymore, I'm going for a more whitening look! Must be age as when I was younger I always wanted a tan.  Anyway back to the blog post, I picked up Sugar Bomb which I am loving.

Few weeks later I decided to get another Sugar Bomb and I ended up picking up on some goodies! I couldn't resist. £10 for the gift set with the little samples to try and the essence water which I love to help me set my makeup has a lovely cucumber scent.

Then my final purchase came when they decided to do a flash sale of a product that wouldn't be out until September. I knew I had to buy it!

So lots of new things to try, watch out my reviews later.  Will start off with the battle of the primers as I have loved these for 5 years now...