Saturday, 25 February 2012

MUA Review - Love Hearts and Others

I can't remember now where I came across MUA, think it was on Twitter.  MUA stands for Make Up Academy and they do a range of Make Up at very good prices.  This collection is available on the internet or Superdrug.

One of their most recent ranges is the Love Hearts Range.  Being a soppy, I love hearts so was drawn to this.  It took me a while to find the range in Superdrugs as its not in all their Superdrugs.  In this range they have lip balms and nail varnishes, all at only £2!  Not bad to be honest!

I purchased two nail varnishes and one lip balm from the Love Hearts range.  Haven't tried the nail varnishes yet, but have tried the lip balm.  The lip balm goes on smoothly and has a lovely smell to it which is a bonus.

I did decide to purchase some other bits as well to give it a try.  I got a silver nail varnish and also the Glamour eye shadow pallet, the latest addition to their range.  The nail varnish was £1 while the eye pallet was £3, originally £4.

Most of the colours seem to go on well, theres probably just two which doesn't show much.  Definitely worth a try at that price.

MUA has had good reviews from magazines like Heat.  So its worth giving it a go, theres so much to choose from in the range.  For more information, click here


Accessory Haul

New Look currently have a 'Buy One Get One Free' offer on jewellery, so I decided to go and have a look and see if there was anything I could find.  In my opinion New Look is good for fast fashion at good prices.

I managed to pick up two sets of bracelets.  The first being a set of pastel colours to go with the pastel trend.  This was at £5.99.

I wear a lot of black so I thought this set would go perfectly.  A bit of silver and I love the animal print as well.


Friday, 24 February 2012

February 2012 Glossybox Review

My pink box arrived on Monday but unfortunately I wasn't in so I had to pick it up at my local Royal Mail Distribution Centre.  

I've only just had the time to open it and explore.  As someone who is impatient I went to read other people's reviews and comments on the box and there was definitely more negative comments than positive so I guess I wasn't expecting much.  Surely it will be hard to top the Clarins I received the previous month.

As its London Fashion Week the box has been set up this month with a lot of small travel accessories.  Things that can go easily in the handbag.

DUWOP - Venom Gloss

So I've nearly heard of DuWop before, but absolutely love the shade of this.  Normally £16 for 10.4ml. This one here is 5ml

DR BRONNER - Lavender Hand Sanitiser

Tried this and actually its not bad, not normally a fan of lavender.

PAUL MITCHELL - Super Skinny Relaxing Balm

Not something I would normally use

BM BEAUTY - Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Noir

I like black eyeshadow so really excited about using it.  Usual cost £7.00 for 2g.  

COMO SHAMBHALA - Invigorate Shower Gel

Will go into my gym bag!

So probably agree with a lot of the reviews, not one of my favourite boxes however have definitely got my moneys worth


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weekly Gratitude - Week 6

  • Thank you to my husband for my valentines flowers....they are still blooming. 

  • Thank you to my husband for signing up to Sky Sports on Virgin TV....F1 channel launches on 9th March...come on Jenson!
  • Thank you to my new blog followers and the comments left
  • Thank you for the people who listened to me...I needed a lot of time

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

BB Cream Review - MIssha vs Garnier

I first came across BB Cream in Korea about 4 years ago and since then I have sworn by it.  BB Cream has been popular in the Far East, mainly in Japan and Korea.  It started off in Korea first and then went over to Japan.  BB stands for Blemish Balm.  The formula to this cream is reported to have come from Germany where dermatologists use it for healing laser skin surgery.  From then famous South Korean actresses then began using for beauty purposes. (courtesy of

So BB cream provides moisture, protection and coverage.  In the Far East there are so many different formulas of BB cream, some even out skin tone and some provide wrinkle improvement.


So the current one that I'm using is Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream which I got from Hong Kong.  I've used Missha before, but not not this one.  So was quite excited when this came out.  I really like this, as this goes on smoothly and doesn't feel heavy at all.  Definitely better than the other Missha one that I used previously.

Price: - $199 - just under £20
Look: - Love the styling of this.  Looks very different from the ordinary Missha one.  This one is a pump so you no need to try and squeeze the tube and cause it to lose shape.  
Feel: - Very soft, smooth and not heavy 
Scent: - Got quite a nice scent to it
Colour: - I bought the darker colour, number 23 and actually comes out quite light after it oxidises.  I tend to wear this at the weekend with no other foundation and I personally think its fine.  Swatch on the left is Missha


Garnier bought out theirs some time ago, but I only picked one up 2 weeks ago at Boots

Price:- RRP is £9.99 but Boots were doing it at £7.99

Look: - Looks quite plain, doesn't look as flashy as the Missha one
Feel: - I found this very heavy when I put it on and didn't like the touch when I went to smooth it
Scent: - Nice scent
Colour: - I bought the darker colour, which was medium.  From the swatch above, which is the right hand side, you can see it came out much darker than Missha and more peachy, orange which is definitely not my colour.  When it oxidised and I smoothed it out, it came out as below.

Overall I think a good try for Garnier especially as they were the first in the UK to give BB cream a go, however my head and heart is saying stick to Missha for now until something else comes up.

If you can give Missha a go, worth every penny and you wouldn't even feel you had it on


Ladies at Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at hotels is becoming a very popular thing in London and not one to fall behind on trends, I really wanted to go and try one out.  Lisa and I had spent 6 hours walking round London on a Photography walk (more on that at a later day) and by the time we got to our Afternoon Tea we were starving!

So we chose the Sanderson Hotel, as the Mad Hatter's Menu caught my eye

Wow what were we in for?

 Lots of detail and attention had gone into this

It was definitely worth trying and we were stuffed afterwards.  The hotel is just off Oxford Circus and does a number of sittings at the weekend, worth a look


Sunday, 19 February 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge #marchphotoaday

So at the beginning of February I started the #febphotoaday challenge.   The next month's challenge is already up.

Created by fatmumslim, check out her blog here.

Think I'm going to continue this but try to keep a theme going in every picture.....will wait and see.

If you choose to start this, let me know your instagram user name, would love to see your photos.



Restarting my failed blog

Like most things, you always start off with a bang and then things just fizzle out...that started off with this blog really and hopefully now I keep it going.  My blog did fizzle out after 34 days, quite tragic really.

I've decided to start it up again, as there is so much Hello Kitty stuff I am seeing daily and just wanted to share and at the same time remember.  Please check it out and let me know what Hello Kitty stuff you like.

Everything Hello Kitty


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Valentines 2012

To me Valentines is just any other day when you're married, after all every day is Valentines Day.  So I was quite surprised when my husband decided to organise a evening out.

What was a bigger surprise were the flowers that were delivered to my mums.  My husband sends me flowers every year and its been easy in the last few as I've always been at work (although its never been straight forward), so this year as I don't work in a store anymore, I just thought that my husband wouldn't be able to send me flowers.  However he didn't want to break tradition so sent them to my mums! Love him so much!

The heart I made for Sin and card I got him (we were both born in the year of the dog!)

Hope you all had a lovely valentines day