Monday, 18 July 2011

Beauty Review - Nails; The Crackle Effect

Thought I would do a quick review on the Crackle Effect for those lovely nails.  I finally gave in a few weeks ago to buying my first bottle.  Not really sure why I didn't join the craze initially.  So I tried two versions, first the Barry M Version and then Nails Inc Glitter Effect.

With the Barry M Version, I opted for the black crackle effect.  It was really easy to apply and it went on just like normal nail polish and within a few seconds the crackle started appearing.  Very good value for money at £3.99.  The Boots in my area had other colours incl White, blue and pink.

I then came across Nails Inc's version, but in a gold glitter colour.  Bit more expensive, actually a lot more at £11.00.  I didn't find this one as easy as the Barry M one and the crackle effect wasn't as great as the Barry M.  They have recommended painting in other directions, so will give that a go.  I have to admit I do prefer the Barry M one, but maybe the Nails Inc will grow on me.

A lot of people have commented and even thought I got them done in a Nail Parlour!  SO if you haven't tried them before, definitely worth a go


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