Tuesday, 24 July 2012

BT Art Boxes

Few years ago we had elephants all around London, this year it was the Big Egg Hunt and then this summer we had the attack of Phoneboxes courtesy of BT.  I knew about this through a friend and on a recent bus trip along hyde park but with work I just didn't get a chance to go out and purposely look for them.

So this came about because of all the things happening in Britain this year, such as the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics.  So then they decided to have a campaign that thrived on the nation's artisitic talent.  The Gilbert Scott Phone box was transformed and then later it would all be auctioned off to raise money for ChildLine's 25th anniversary.

So although I didn't look purposely for them, I did manage to find some on my travel through London one day



  1. Wow, they're so cool.. One more beautiful than the other - wish I could effort to buy one at the auction. :(

  2. These are so awesome to look at!