Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another Boots Haul!!

Oh dear, I have just been back from Boots with more goodies!!! So addictive! Anyway onto what I bought.....

I am loving the Revlon mirror, being short sighted I really needed a mirror that magnified and this has 3x and also you touch the base for 3 different light settings.  This was on clearance at £26.80 and I used my Boots thank you Boots!

Bourjois were doing 2 polishes at £8, normally £5.99 each.  

I finally caved in and decided to go and buy the lip butter, Berry Smoothie.  Not really a lover of lipsticks but loving how this goes on and is very soft and smooth, the colour wise is not too strong so definitely me.  It was quite hard to choose the colour as the testers at Boots were all over the place, and was in a bad state, bad enough it was over the counter! Anyway am glad I went with my instinct on this one.

Final thing that I got were some Karen Millen Sunglasses, the sun might be gone today but I'm sure we will get a few more days of sun before we head into winter.  These were originally £50 but were half price....oh I love a bargain!


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