Thursday, 6 September 2012

Today's Successful Haul

Today wasn't meant to be a shopping haul, but it ended up being just that!!!  I guess I was born to shop!

I got this whole set of pin badges...each day of the Olympic Games, one badge was released and I love the fact that it can be made into the shape of the Coca Cola Bottle!!

Thanks to Nivea, they gave me a bag of samples at Westfield.  

This sparkly jumper is from M&S, £35.  Loving the colour, but felt weird this as it was 22 degrees outside at the time!!

Thanks to O2 Priority Moments and my hubby, I got 2 sets of haircare for free at Body Shop, costs £10 each!

Got these lovely EDTs and body washes from Victoria Secrets, each one costs between £9 and £11, I got all 5 for £25!

So didn't actually spent much but felt quite a successful day



  1. great haul! those badges are so cute, i wish i could've gone to the Olympics :)

    1. I caved in on those badges, at first I thought nah, then I actually went back to buy them! x