Thursday, 24 May 2012

My Beauty Shopping Haul in Hong Kong

Firstly this is not half of what I got!  I've always been a fan of the toiletries in Hong Kong, as some come from Korea and are very well suited for oriental skin especially if you want to have whiter skin.  (I use to love the sun, but its damaged my skin over the years so much prefer to be whiter.)  I bought so much that I have had to send it back, so in 2 months time, I will have another post on my bigger beauty shopping haul.

I shopped in Mannings, Sasa, Missha, Skinfood and Watsons.

Some of my favourites include: -

I love Skinfood.  Can't wait to try the White Grape Makeup Base.

Loving all beauty accessories in Hong Kong,  Hello Kitty wipes, blackhead remover, Pore Cleansing Brush and then ways to hold back the hair which aren't even clips!



  1. Packaging are so cute. Can't wait to go to Hong Kong this holiday. xo

  2. WOW this stuff looks amazing! x

  3. wow i love the packaging!!! you picked up a lot of goodies!

  4. Omg! So many items! Hehe so exciting :)

  5. omg!!! you should have told me that you are going to HK~ so I can get you some discount vouchers :)