Thursday, 31 May 2012

Week in Instagrams #9

This is for last week, my two weeks in Hong Kong I will do in another post

My snacks from Hong Kong
My Hello Kitty Leopard slippers, two of my favourite things

Omg look at the temp and also how dusty my car is!
Managed to leave work at a reasonable time and also look at the heat!

My teatime treat
Hello Kitty Beanie at £3.88!

My Beauty haul from Hong Kong (this is only half of it!)
My plushes from Hong Kong!

Aren't these tofu plushes cute?
Mashimaro plush, so cute!

Wow, look at the temp!
My green tea latte

Unsure of where I would rather be
Fingers crossed!

My Hello Kitty Earrings from my husband
All the Jubilee stuff I came across in one day


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  1. Haha! My favorite is the tofu plushes pic! So cute!