Sunday, 27 May 2012


I thought I would do something different today and show my outfit of the day.  Not done one of these and I'm so behind in all my posts after my holiday.  I decided to do this as everything I wore today was from Hong Kong, so at least I get to show you some of the things I bought!

As you can see from my iphone screen shot London as had really good weather for the last two days and today was no different.  So I wanted something light and summery.  I opted for a peach blouse and a pair of green shorts, two colours that I am loving at the moment.  You will see in a post later that most of the stuff I bought were these two colours!

As you can see the blouse was quite long at the front, but shorter at the back, so that you can see the shorts.

The shorts were just under £3 and the blouse was £5 in hong kong, cheap and cheerful fast fashion!  One of the reasons why I love Hong Kong so much!


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