Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Day in the World

I came across this on fat mum slim's site and was immediately drawn to this and really wanted to give this a go.   So this came from a movement called 'A day in the world' who were encouraging people to pick up their cameras and snap away.  The idea was to snap daily life and share in a worldwide photographic event.  Unfortunately it was only up until May 22nd, however I decided to do it anyway.

I started off well, but then it slowly died down, here was my day last weekend

The time I woke up 

Getting ready for the gym

My breakfast

Just posing for the camera before I have to do some work

My lunch - pastie and coleslaw

Afternoon text from my husband

And its go go go at the Monaco GP

Time to unbox one of the Beauty Boxes....look at the goodies!

Prepping a salad for the evening

I used my digital camera for this and its fair to say I failed.....think I will try again this weekend


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  1. Doesn't seem like a fail to me! lol. This seems like a fun thing to do...I may have to try this