Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Benefit Haul

Glamour magazine gave a free Benefit gift a few months back and since then I have been hooked.

The first gift I got was the Porefessional.  I had heard many things about this and was pleased I got this over the Bad Gal mascara.  I have always been a fan of primers (will do a review on this later ) and my pores around my nose are large so was desperate to try this.  I love this product and then because I was so worried I would run out, I went to the Benefit shop in Covent Graden to pick up a full size tube.

One tube meant I came back with a bag!

I got sucked into buying another product because of the free gifts! But also I knew I needed to try a new blusher as I was finding my Mac one too pinky for me as I don't have much of a tan anymore, I'm going for a more whitening look! Must be age as when I was younger I always wanted a tan.  Anyway back to the blog post, I picked up Sugar Bomb which I am loving.

Few weeks later I decided to get another Sugar Bomb and I ended up picking up on some goodies! I couldn't resist. £10 for the gift set with the little samples to try and the essence water which I love to help me set my makeup has a lovely cucumber scent.

Then my final purchase came when they decided to do a flash sale of a product that wouldn't be out until September. I knew I had to buy it!

So lots of new things to try, watch out my reviews later.  Will start off with the battle of the primers as I have loved these for 5 years now...


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  1. Oooh these are awesome! I can't wait to see your reviews :D