Sunday, 5 August 2012

London 2012 Wenlock and Mandeville

If you haven't heard of Wenlock and Mandeville, not to worry.  Let me introduce them, they are the on eyed London 2012 Olympic mascots.  I have to admit when I first saw them I didn't think much of them.  Then after seeing them in different costumes, I started having a liking to them.

So until the 8th September there are a number of Wenlocks and Mandevilles doted around London decorated to key London sights.  Very similar to the elephants, eggs and the phone boxes we have had.  Having been addicted to these walks, I decided to take Sin out on a 6km hike looking to find a number of these mascots.

In total there are 6 strolls and we chose to do two.  In total we found 26 mascots.

4 more strolls to go....