Thursday, 30 August 2012

Battle of the Primers

I have been meaning to do this post for some time....its finally here.  Like BB Creams, Primers are beginning to swamp the Beauty Market, not that I'm claiming!!  I first came across Primers when I came across BB cream about 5 years ago.

Missha BB Boomer
This was the my first Primer and one that I have used for the last 5 years.  I found it very difficult to give it up and try something else.  I like this Primer as it has a pearlescent finish, very easy to apply and it definitely makes my BB Cream last longer.  It also boasts it has brightening and wrinkle repairing effects...not that I have noticed!  You can see from the swatch below, its white with a little shimmer, easy to rub in.

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Benefit Porefessional
I got my first test of this from Glamour a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it straight away.  It has a matt finish and after application, you don't feel like its there, while with the Missha Boomer you can definitely feel it.  I haven't noticed my pores smalleer after using it, but I do definitely like this and have already bought my replacement one

This is very light and watery but I love the grape scent to it.  I've only used this twice but definitely keen to try it again

Benefit That Girl
I got this with Glamour like the Porefessional (yes I bought another copy of the magazine just for the freebie!)  This is pink and has a scent to it, not too bad but not my kind of smell.  I found this very watery from the tube and after application definitely didn't feel it did a thing and even after applying my bb cream it definitely felt very heavy.  Not one that I will try again

MUA Primer
This was the cheapest primer I have used, think it was either £1 or £2, found this very watery and I didn't think it settled into my skin well compared to the other primers.  Will give this another go but will probably not buy this again

So the Primer that won....well there wasn't one winner, but two, Missha BB Boomer and Benefit Porefessional!


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