Tuesday, 21 February 2012

BB Cream Review - MIssha vs Garnier

I first came across BB Cream in Korea about 4 years ago and since then I have sworn by it.  BB Cream has been popular in the Far East, mainly in Japan and Korea.  It started off in Korea first and then went over to Japan.  BB stands for Blemish Balm.  The formula to this cream is reported to have come from Germany where dermatologists use it for healing laser skin surgery.  From then famous South Korean actresses then began using for beauty purposes. (courtesy of http://www.squidoo.com/b-b-cream).

So BB cream provides moisture, protection and coverage.  In the Far East there are so many different formulas of BB cream, some even out skin tone and some provide wrinkle improvement.


So the current one that I'm using is Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream which I got from Hong Kong.  I've used Missha before, but not not this one.  So was quite excited when this came out.  I really like this, as this goes on smoothly and doesn't feel heavy at all.  Definitely better than the other Missha one that I used previously.

Price: - $199 - just under £20
Look: - Love the styling of this.  Looks very different from the ordinary Missha one.  This one is a pump so you no need to try and squeeze the tube and cause it to lose shape.  
Feel: - Very soft, smooth and not heavy 
Scent: - Got quite a nice scent to it
Colour: - I bought the darker colour, number 23 and actually comes out quite light after it oxidises.  I tend to wear this at the weekend with no other foundation and I personally think its fine.  Swatch on the left is Missha


Garnier bought out theirs some time ago, but I only picked one up 2 weeks ago at Boots

Price:- RRP is £9.99 but Boots were doing it at £7.99

Look: - Looks quite plain, doesn't look as flashy as the Missha one
Feel: - I found this very heavy when I put it on and didn't like the touch when I went to smooth it
Scent: - Nice scent
Colour: - I bought the darker colour, which was medium.  From the swatch above, which is the right hand side, you can see it came out much darker than Missha and more peachy, orange which is definitely not my colour.  When it oxidised and I smoothed it out, it came out as below.

Overall I think a good try for Garnier especially as they were the first in the UK to give BB cream a go, however my head and heart is saying stick to Missha for now until something else comes up.

If you can give Missha a go, worth every penny and you wouldn't even feel you had it on


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