Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 4

  • Thank you to the heavy snow for staying away until we got home safe and sound on Saturday. The picture on the left was the amount of snow we had by the time we got home, the picture on the right was what we faced the next morning!

  • Thank you to my mum for coming over when I was sick on Tuesday.  I was so ill and in so much pain I couldn't get downstairs to make soup.  Thankfully my mum came over and made me a nice bowl of soup
  • Thank you for my colleague Caroline to covering for me at the assessments! Life saver!
  • Thank you to my sister for a lovely dinner at Princess Garden of Mayfair.  Yum yum food
  • Thank you to H&M for Hello Kitty socks, not only are they cute, they're so warm!

  • Thank you for the return of TOWIE....my sunday and wednesday night TV is no longer boring!
  • Thank you to Sin for buying me a Krispy Kreme doughnut....I have avoided them for a long time as they are fattening, however Sin convinced me to have one!

  • Thank you to Chi for her homemade macaroons! Yum yum


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