Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My First Blog Award - Liebster Award

So having started this blog last year and then restarted again this year, I managed to receive my first Blog award thanks to Claire at Poochy-tails, Eyelashes & Nails.  Thank you so much Claire.

Rules are simple, I select 5 people who have blogs and less than 200 followers.

  1. Suzanne Marie
  2. J-J-Sophia
  3. Aimee
  4. Jenny Kim
  5. Chiikalivelovelaugh
Congrats guys



  1. thanks so much for the comment and the nomination! :) i really do appreciate it!!

  2. thank you for commenting on my blog i appreciate it ^.^
    and congratulations on your first blog award
    xoxo Stephi