Saturday, 4 February 2012

Weekly Gratitude - Week 3

  • Thank you to my husband for encouraging me and supporting me on my new venture...more info later
  • Thank you to my sister in law for my Gingerbread man - love it!

  • Thank you to my Aerobics teacher for working me hard last week - I ended up eating quite a lot later!
  • Thank you to my colleague for covering for me whilst I was away on hols last week, saved me a lot of work this morning
  • Thank you to my mum and dad for dinner last week
  • Thank you to Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden....need it during cold times like these!
  • Thank you to Crystalise Boutique for making such a gorgeous case for me!
  • Thank you for my 'lai see' - red envelopes from Chinese New Year...even though I'm married I still managed to get some!

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