Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Day in the World #2

I tried this again today, and here are my results.....

Time for my morning Yakult

Hunting for magazines in much to choose from

My 'top up' food shopping

My mum's slow cooker....making me a nice chinese pear drink to help soothe my throat and help me get my voice back fully!

The nice chinese pear drink...look at all those pears

New Tic Tacs I found today

All the stuff I brought today, am making a few swap boxes so not all this stuff is mine

My new Essie Nail this colour

Having a talk to my husband, haven't seen him all day

Look at our dinners!! Yik and Amy tucking in

Taking a picture of my outfit today, needs to be done! ;-)

Time to pamper myself

My husband playing on his phone, whilst I'm trying to have a conversation with him!


1 comment:

  1. omg! I love those little Yakult drinks! Yum!!