Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hello Kitty Flight from Taiwan

I know I haven't blogged about my trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan yet, but I really wanted to do this first as this was definitely unexpected and a once in a life time opportunity (unless you happen to go to Taiwan a lot from Hong Kong).

Anyway it all started when we got to checkin at Taiwan for our flight back to Hong Kong, we were greeted by a Hello Kitty Check in area!

Also on display were all the accessories that would potentially be on the plane

Our tickets were also with the Hello Kitty theme!

This wasn't just it, after Security we had more once we got to the gate

And yes I managed to do some shopping as well!

The plane was the next part of the Hello Kitty Journey

Being a Hello Kitty Fan this was definitely an exciting journey......until next time



  1. omg! So much Hello Kitty goodness! hehe That's sooo cool!