Sunday, 17 June 2012

Our Trip to Hong Kong in Pictures #2

Sorry its been a while since I last posted.  Heres the next instalment of our holiday

Day 4 - Hong Kong
So today we decided not to go shopping but to see the sights of Hong Kong.  Although we've been many times before I really wanted to see a few things one more time and do some exercise to help with the amount of food we'd been having already and it was only Day 4.

We decided to walk to the Peak from the base.  My parents walked in back in March and my sister in law did it recently.  The only problem was, was that we didn't know which way to go.  My mum and dad said it was really easy, it was follow the road round.  What may have been easy for them wasn't for us...after all there were so many roads!  I did try to research it before hand but couldn't.  When we got there, I found two policemen, so I thought they would know.  Their responses included 'you don't want to do that', 'dangerous', 'too hard', 'too steep', 'too hot'!  That was enough to put us off!

So instead we got the tram!

When we got to the top....we needed some food ;-)

So after our meal we decided to set out on a 3mile hike around the Peak....look at what we came across...

Sin was being energetic!

Hmm which way now??

It got so hot that Sin got the umbrella out...typical Far Eastern habit!

After our long hike (was a couple of hours), we chose to get the bus down to Hong Kong and look what we then across...a Marc Jacobs ding kawaii

More later....


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  1. I love this haha. It's like a picture book with the story and the pics :)