Sunday, 3 June 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 17

  • Thank you to Lucy for my Starbucks coffee
  • Thank you to colleague for listening to me have a moan 
  • Thank you to Chi for my macarons! Love them!

  • Thank you to everyone who has liked my photos again this week on Instagram, really appreciate it
  • Thank you to my Mother in Law for my medicine as I lost my voice this week
  • Thank you to my mum for making me a chinese drink to help me get my voice back this week

  • Thank you to Glamour for my Benefit goodies

  • Thank you to my husband Sin for buying me a lottery scratch card.  I won two pounds which is better than nothing

  • Thank you to my husband for sticking to his diet, its the end of week 2 at the moment, hes doing so well
  • Thank you to the two lovely ladies for agreeing to be my swap partners for a Jubilee Beauty Swap Box....more info to follow
  • Thank you to my friends for my phone calls last week, it was lovely to catch up and I really needed it

1 comment:

  1. Hello Kitty macarons! I remember seeing your pic on instagram. Looked delish!