Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Charmed, The End of an Era

Sin decided to order the Box Set Charmed last year after seeing a bargain on Play.com.  Although many of you probably know I do watch a lot of American Series ranging from The Vampire Diaries, to Gossip Girl to Hellcats (not Thundercats!), however Charmed was one series I never watched, not really sure why.

So we started watching it late last year, and we were speeding our way through each season.  Season 1, to season 2 and before you knew it we were on season 7, the penultimate season.  Thats when we started to slow down, and started to watch other stuff.  Today finally I was able to put in the last DVD on the box set into the Playstation.

Yeah!  I love endings, sometimes I even fast forward just to see what the ending is like and then go back...I'm not good.

So a bit about what Charmed is about, well its a series that started off in 1998 that lasted for 8 years.  The series follows 4 sisters (although you only get to see 3 at any one time) who are perceived as normal women but are in fact witches and are part of a line of very good witches going back in time.  Their destiny is to protect the innocence against evil which could involve demons.  As you can imagine life is never easy and they not only have to deal with evil they deal with normal day to day activities such as death, love and work.

So what would I give the series, probably a 7, only because sometimes there was such a build up to the episode and then it just cleared up within a few minutes if not seconds, which to me was not good.

So if you are looking for something to watch, let Sin know, I know hes looking to sell his box set now as we've watched it all.


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