Saturday, 2 April 2011

April Fools

I know today isn't the 1st of April, but I was too tired yesterday to blog (fell asleep by 9.30pm!...crazy!).  Anyway how many of you got April Fooled??

Not sure what you saw, but I came across a number of things where people were attempting to April Fools.  The first one I came across with Lomography.  Now considering I blogged about the 10 prophecies 2 days ago, I was very disappointed with myself that I fell for this.  So I got this email from Lomography saying that they were launching a Lomography 10 prophecies application onto the iphone.  My first reaction was wow, I wonder what this application will be about, so I went ahead to go and have a look and I fell for it!  I should have remembered the first prophecy, Leave the Digital Grind Behind, doh!

Another April Fool I came across yesterday was from Groupon.  No, I didn't fall for this one!

The description they had were as follows: -

William (Wills) and Kate Middleton (Kate) will be joined in holy matrimony in the luxurious surroundings of Westminster Abbey. Share in the special day of our future King and Queen by throwing Chinese grains at them. After the ceremony, you and your date will gain entry to the after-party in a marquee/tent at Buckingham Palace. Expect cake-cutting, a special best man's speech written by Jimmy Carr, and music from DJ Hazbo (Harry) with classics such as ABBA and Status Quo.

How many of you got fooled?

Happy April


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