Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hmmm, were you one of the 4 winners??

So the National Lottery was last night, a rollover at £16million!  Yes £16million!

So I'm not normally a gambler, but I had to get a few tickets for my hubby, he wanted to buy some hope along with load of other people.

Yes so 4 winners, I wish my husband was one of them.  What would I do with £4million if my husband was a winner?

Well: -
  • I wouldn't quit work totally, I probably would go part time, 4 or 5 day weekend?  Sounds good
  • Open a shop, maybe a cupcake shop or wedding planning shop
  • Book a holiday to Hong Kong, stop over at Singapore and maybe go to Taiwan
  • Book a holiday to the Maldives (thats where we had our honeymoon)
  • Pay off my Mortgage
  • Get a Audi TT (Yes I still want one of those)
  • Donate money to Japan
What would you do if you did win £4million?


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