Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Fever

Yes wedding fever is high in the UK right now, especially in London where people have started to camp out already!  Yes camp out!  Come on now, its not like they are going to see much!  In case you didn't know the reason why they have camped out is to see these two get married: -

Nah, only kidding ;-)...anyway yes one famous couple will be getting married tomorrow.

It then made me realise that myself and Sin have been married for nearly 2 years now, and having a clear out yesterday at home, I came across just some of my wedding bits

Photo albums, photos, marriage certificate (never really looked at it until yesterday!), my shoes and much more!  Seeing all this makes me want to relive the day again!  (just want to stress not getting married again, but actually just experiencing that day again with Sin)  As it seems so long ago, I don't really remember much, I don't even remember going toilet that day, not that I would be able to with my dress!  Now talking about my dress, I am debating whether or not to sell it.  I won't ever wear it again but its my wedding dress ... decisions.

Anyway enough of me talking wedding jibberish as I could actually go on for ages!  Although I am not a fan of the monarchy, I do wish William and Catherine all the best


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