Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My New Love spends Sunday with me!

Weekend was packed with activities, and I'm still recovering from it, hence why no update on my blog for days, which is so unlike me!

So whats my new love you're wondering?  I wonder if this will grab Sin's attention btw, but anyway back to topic.  I booked myself onto a Lomowalk on Sunday.  A Lomowalk is a walk set up by the Lomography Store in London.  They kindly lent us one of their cameras for the afternoon, the LCA.  That is my new love!

So the LCA was what started Lomography.  It has a glass lens, unlike the other Lomography cameras.  It has a light reader so that it can manage apetures and shutter speeds, nothing for you to worry out.  It has a multiple exposure switch as well allowing me to take pictures on top of pictures.  It has a number of iso settings ranging from 100 to 1600.  You can also put a wide angle lens or change the back so that it takes  polaroids!  What more can I say?

So with my new love we went to the Carter's Steam Fair at Ravenscourt Park.  It is a family run Fair, with a lot of old rides and slot machines, really worth having a look.

Here are just some of the pics I took with the LCA

I didn't manage to go on the rides as for me, I'm getting old.  What I did manage to do was go to the Wall of Death Show

Text found from the website re the Wall of Death: -

'Wall of Death presents and operates Europe’s oldest motorcycle sport show.
For over 80 years the Messham family now in its fourth generation, have established and upheld an international reputation for excellence of performance and presentation of this unique and thrilling entertainment The Wall of Death.
“The smallest and steepest race track in the world.”
A visit to the Wall of Death fulfils the need for excitement, satisfies a lust for danger.
The spectacle of ever present danger, bravado coupled with the inevitable anticipation that something may go wrong as the artists cling to their machines, steering them with their feet, sitting sideways, backwards and forwards breaking down the forces of gravity.'

Just some of the pics I captured

The Steam Fair is at Ravenscourt Park to the 17th April, worth having a look if you have the time

Rest of my photos can be found here: -



  1. Wow I LOVE those photos! I tried getting a lomo effect on my SLR by screwing a cheap fish eye lens on the end of my 18-55 kit lens! Worked quite well too!!

  2. Thanks! The film I used was slide film and its brilliant! Like your photos, although Lomography is about getting away from all thats digital, I wish it wasn't just film x

  3. Whoa, everything looks classic! Beautiful photos indeed! And now I'm getting interested with photography...