Saturday, 9 April 2011

So when was your first Snog ;-)?

15? 16? or dare I ask? ;-)...only joking!  Ever seen this?

So what are you thinking now?  If I'm right in what you are thinking, you guys need to think again.  SNOG is all about Pure Frozen Yogurt.  Only came across this late summer last year, and was still a snog virgin to early part of this year!  Snog gives me many reasons why I should have this: -

  • lacks fat...brilliant!
  • shuns sugar...even better!
  • hardly any calories.....excellent!
If you haven't had one, you should definitely try one.  The shop is so funky, with groovy lights and loud music.  The service is brilliant!  The one I went to today had about 9 people serving, they were practically falling over each other!

The one I chose today was green tea flavour, with mango (one of my five a day...yeah!), granola and little chocolate hearts (yes, not so great!).   They have many toppings for you to choose from, the one I had cost £4.95 which was a special, as it would normally cost £6.  And see that pink spoon, its their limited edition SNOG spoon!  I love pink!

If you want more information check out their site


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