Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Big Egg Hunt Part 6 - The Final Part

So last weekend being Easter Weekend, myself and Sin chose to go out to Covent Garden to see all the eggs together, after all we did miss some!

Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day.....

Even found the Egg Hospital....these were for eggs that needed some TLC....some people had chosen to damage the eggs, which is a shame.

So thats the end of The Big Egg Hunt, it was really fun and lovely to see these eggs, I wonder what the next thing will be.



  1. So awesome! Aw they even have an egg hospital? Wow haha. Poor eggs

  2. awww :) egg hospital...that's so cute and sad at the same time....i really don't understand people that vandalize....that egg holding and egg is so funny, love the expression on his face