Sunday, 8 April 2012

London Shopping Mini Haul

Took a small trip to London yesterday and decided to buy a few things.  

First stop was to 'The Big Egg Hunt' pop up shop.  Decided to get a few things from here as all the money goes to charity, so wanted to do my part.  I got a shopping bag, love some of the eggs on this bag, an i-spy book and an oyster card holder.

After seeing all the eggs in Covent Garden, we made our way down to Regent Street and Carnaby Street.  

In Superdry, I got a hoodie for £49.99, decided to buy one as I kept on wearing my husbands and his is too big for me!

The last shop I bought from was on Carnaby Street, Monki.  This is a new shop that opened recently so was excited to go in a have a look.  Before I show you what I got, I thought I would show you the bag and kawaii!

So I ended up buying things with the same colour theme!!

So the top on the left was £5 and one on the right was £12.  Perfect for summer

This purse was £10, thought it would make a nice new make-up bag.

I have to say the shop is amazing, decor is brilliant and I could definitely have bought more if I had more wardrobe space!



  1. the mint colour is pretty
    <3 xxx

  2. Oooh I love the tops you got! So cute!

  3. cute :) i've heard so much about the store monki, but we never had it back home and not in greece either