Monday, 9 April 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 13

  • Thank you to Michelle for my Easter Swap box, loving the items in there

  • Thank you to the other ladies on Beauty Swap Box for my other swaps
  • Thank you to everyone at work making my first week a good one
  • Thank you to my colleague for coming in on Thursday to support me at work, needed some help
  • Thank you to my husband being understanding when I have to get up early during the week for work
  • Thank you to Helen at work for my Easter chick

  • Thank you to Lucy for my Easter egg and hot chocolate this week
  • Thank you to my mum for bringing over soup for me this week, really needed it!  Not a very good myself!
  • Thank you to Amy for my lovely Hot Chocolate at Pret.  It was very naughty.

  • Thank you to my new twitter followers, @Princessyunyun - 147 followers, @YYkawaii - 99 followers.  Remember when I hit 150 for YY Kawaii, there will be a giveaway
  • Thank you to those who joined my YY Kawaii Facebook page
  • Thank you to my new Instagram followers, didn't realise I would get so many so quickly, am loving Instagram at the moment.



  1. Your items looks great :D Me too, I want to eat some chocolate *o* Yours look tasty *miam*

  2. you're so cute, i love these posts, they're so positive