Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week in Instagrams #6

Didn't take as many photos at the beginning of the week, but managed to take a few.....

Smartie mini eggs...not as nice as Mini Eggs
Jenson Button in the new Hugo Boss campaign...mmmmm

Lovely breakfast, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon


Tokidoki - boyfriend and girlfriend, the milk mafia!
Hot and sour soup made by my dad

My new Hello Kitty Easter plush
I am pushing hard in the gym!

This cat is constantly appearing in our garden!
Look what I found in my brothers room.  Shame he is selling it

In my brothers room, hunting for goodies whilst he is on hols!
Draw something with me and Sin!

Momiji site
So cute in the Oasis window

Painting my nails whilst watching the F1
The panda is keeping an eye on me!

Cases I made as custom orders



  1. i love these posts Yy!!! so the "mmmmmm" was for Jenson Button and not the eggs hmm, does Sin read these posts? hahaha but i must say very clever to put the eggs and the man together, if he asks the mmm is obviously for the eggs :D and i love "the panda is keeping an eye on me!" bahaha, i really wish stuffed animals would come to life, there was a show i used to watch when I was a kid and the toys would come to life when no one was around...noddy? shining time station or can't remember what it was called...and I wanna make the grater earring holder first :)
    I'm sorry I'm taking so long to get your box ready, i promise I haven't forgotten, i just haven't been able to get into the city, and everytime I get a chance to go the stores are greeks are one some weird schedules
    anyway baby hope you're having a good day
    XO stephi

  2. Love these posts! The phone case you made is absolutely gorgeous!