Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 15

  • Thank you to everyone who supported us on the day of our audit at work, really grateful for us pulling as a team that day
  • Thank you to Helen for my Oreo was really yummy

  • Thank you to Yik and Amy for my new Hello Kitty iphone case
  • Thank you to Sin for coming with me to the Steps Concert

  • Thank you to mummy Wong for a lovely Korean dinner
  • Thank you to my followers on instagram and comments, currently on 109 followers.  
  • Thank you to my dad for making us dinner on Saturday, we got home late after the airport and we had dinner waiting for us!
  • Thank you for my Versatile Blogger Award



  1. Mmm that cupcake looks really good!

  2. holy moly i want mummy wong to cook for me :) loooooks sooooo goooood :)
    XO stephi

  3. looks good! i'm a new follower. :)