Sunday, 8 April 2012

Disposable Iphone App

Disposable is one of my many photography apps on my iphone.  I came across this back in January but didn't use it until a month ago.  The idea is that its a disposable camera with a twist that a number of people can take pictures of it if they are invited to share the camera with you.  Once all photos have been taken then thats when you can view the pictures.

So I used two cameras with this application, joined by my husband Sin, my brother Yik and his girlfriend Amy.  Our first camera theme was Spring.

We then created another one, and this time the theme was that we had to take a picture on the hour from you can see for some of mine, I did forget!

I do like surprises so I like getting to see the photos at the end.  If you have this and want to share a camera with me, let me know



  1. That is so cool! XD
    I might use it too! It's funny that you won't be able to see the pictures until it's full ^^

    Also; thanks for following me :D I like your blog so I'll follow you back :3