Monday, 14 March 2011

The Weird and the Wonderful

At first I wanted to just blog about my dinner and what I made for myself and Sin, but instead I want to share what we lovely Chinese eat, as my dinner can definitely be said to be weird and wonderful!

Firstly my dinner.......ready.....ok lets go...................or maybe lets have a look at the ingredients first........

Yes, you see right, one of the ingredients was Coke!  My dish today was Coke Chicken!  Yes you read that right, Coke Chicken and it was yummy!

(Fry the onions, then fry chicken for a few minutes, then pour in 500ml of Coke and cook for 30 minutes - Lomo Lomo Application with Diana on iphone 4)

Heres the final result

So thats just one dish, here are a few other things we eat but I'm sure many would find weird.

(Almond drink, nice hot or cold, toast with peanut butter and condensed milk, lychee and mango fruit pastilles, green tea chocolate - pictures were taken with Lomo Lomo Application but created into this collage by PhotoShake - application on iphone 4)

(Hot green tea milk with taro (delicious), mango ice with mango, green tea Macau tart, big thick toast with lots of ice cream)

In HK theres more of this and its definitely one reason why I miss it so much and why I put on so much weight when I go back!

And finally my Hello Kitty pic of the day (forgot to post one yesterday)

(Hello Kitty Chupa Chups with a free charm!)



  1. Wow~ the chicken looks yummy! I'm craving now, lol. My mom used to put Sprite in chicken too, and it tasted good actually! :)

    Have a lovely day ahead! xx

  2. Hi! Yes it was really delicious! I might try the Sprite idea next week, thanks for the tip

    Take care x

  3. Sure! It would absolutely taste delicious!

    And oh, thanks for the follow, I followed back! Have a lovely day~ xx