Thursday, 31 March 2011

Lomography - The 10 Prophecies

Lomography launched its 10 Prophecies about a month ago.  You're probably like me now and saying "What the hell are they?"

Well Lomography as you know is all about analogue, no need for digital cameras, computers mobile phones etc.  The 10 Prophecies are based around the Analogue future.  The Prophecies spell out how to turn the Lomography vision into a reality.  

Lomography has launched a competition around these prophecies.  The idea is to take one of the prophecy stickers or posters, post them up and take a picture of it.  

I decided to use the afternoon to do a bit of shooting with my Diana F+

The 10 Prophecies

Unfortunately the one downside to Lomography and Analogue is that you don't get to see the pictures straight away.   So I know this goes against analogue but I really wanted to show you what I got up to, so I used my mobile!!!

So heres a few: -

I wonder how my Diana photos will come out...anyway my photos of the prophecies can be found here: -


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