Monday, 23 January 2012


#30thingsaboutme has been trending on twitter today.  It started yesterday at 23:15, so I thought I would do a blog post on #30thingsaboutme.

1. Big Hello Kitty fan...yes I know, I'm nearly 30 and I still like Hello Kitty!

2. I go onto my iphone at least every 30 mins

3. I love downloading photo apps on my iphone

4. I love my husband and thank him for a lovely wedding which I will never forget

5. I love the comfort of my own home

6. I love the word LOVE

7. I hate peas, they are nasty!

8. Huge F1 fan, Jenson Button to be the champion in 2012, yes, yes, yes

9. Family is important to me

10. Favourite restaurant Eat Tokyo

11. I find it hard to talk to people I don't know, but once I know them its fine

12. I'm organised at work but awful at home!

13. I've had cosmetic surgery.....on my finger!

14. I take too many photos as I have too many cameras

15. Love Glee....hope they do a concert again soon

16. Shopholic - my husband would say!

17.  I love Japan...the food, the shops and the people

18. US TV Series - love them and can't get enough of them

19. Apple freak, macbook air, iphone, ipad, ipod

20. Would choose KFC over McDonalds

21. I worry way too much...get it from my mum

22. Double favourite chocolate bar

23. I don't think I can fit into my wedding dress...pity!

24. Have too many Nail Varnishes...I haven't actually finished one at all!

25. Not very good at buffets....don't take me, I would be a waste of money

26. If I had the chance, I would move to Hong Kong and live there for a length of time

27. When I think sometimes I talk to myself!

28. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, don't think I can handle screaming kids now!

29. I tell everyone I'm 5ft 1...truth is I don't know and I don't really care

30. I love blogging and I thank everyone who follows

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