Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Deco Den - Japanese Art

Ever since I saw deco den products in Hong Kong and Japan, I had fallen in love with deco den.

So what is deco den, after all if you go into Hobby Craft or a similar craft store in the UK they would have no clue.  Deco Den is short for decoration denwa, denwa meaning phone.  Its the japanese art of gluing a bunch or adorable 3D stuff to your cell phone.  However it doesn't need to stop there, it could be a mirror, a case, camera, jars, to be honest anything that you can stick stuff to and on.

Last year in Hong Kong I came across a shop that sold the tools for deco den, so I decided to buy!  It wasn't until yesterday that I decided to do a bit of craft.

I chose to do a little mirror, so very straight forward, just squirt the silicone onto the surface and then using a cocktail stick swirl the silicone around to give the effect!

After that all you need to do is add your deco pieces

My finish pieces.


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