Saturday, 14 January 2012

Weekly Gratitude Week 1

My post today has been inspired by meowcake, whose blog I have been following for sometime and sweetpea1981.

So each week I will be listing all the things I am grateful for.  This week I am grateful for:  -

  • My husband for always looking after me, whenever I'm cold, he will go and make me a nice cup of tea and get me a hot water bottle

  • Take Me Out for coming back onto our TVs and giving me a good reason to stay in on a Saturday night.  'Let the chop see the suey!'

  • Croydon crew for inviting me back to the Dinner and Dance - had a good time and I won a prize from the raffle!
  • My mum for coming over to clean my house!  (She secretly loves it!)
  • Thank you to Graze, you have stopped my unhealthy morning
  • Vampire Diaries - Ian Somerhadler is hot!
  • Starbucks hazelnut hot chocolate
  • Green tea

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