Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Nails Inc Magnetic Effect Polish Review

The Nails Inc Magnetic Effect Polish came out some time ago but as I had bought so much nail varnish I decided to give it a miss.  However my sister in law got it for me for Christmas.

The difference with this is that there is a magnet on the top of the lid.  Hopefully you can see it in the picture below

Very simple, although it did take me a while... I recommend that you spend two minutes reading the instructions, something I didn't really do! Oops.  So layer on one coat and then hold the magnet on top.

Sorry couldn't get my camera to focus, but here after one layer it looks like any other nail varnish.  You need to be quick though, you can't paint all nails first and then hold the magnet.  You need to do one at the time for it to work.

Something different, worth a go.  Other colours are available.


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