Sunday, 8 January 2012

Frozen Planet - A Must Watch

I never thought I would say this, but for all of you who haven't watched Frozen Planet, you should really do.

This was one of the gifts I got Sin for Christmas as he likes to watch wildlife programmes and always when its on TV and there is another programme on like 'Don't Tell the Bride' I always win and he never really gets to see it.

This was mentioned a lot on Twitter when it was first shown and I thought Sin would like it.  He made me watch it with him the other night and I thought this was going to be the longest two hours of TV I would have to sit through.  However as Sin does it for me, I'll do it for him!

I was amazed at the effort put in to make this series.  The camera men risks their lives and a lot of time making this beautiful series.

I've learnt so much and how the animals in the Arctic and Antarctica survive, and its so cruel but its reality I guess.

Some of my favourite scenes in the series......

There were originally 3 baby polar bears, but the third one was born quite small and didn't survive :-(

Enjoy xoxo

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