Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New phone cover from Crystalise Boutique

I came across Crystalise Boutique several weeks ago and immediately fell in love with her products!

Sparkly and bling are the two words that springs to mind with Crystalise Boutique.  She specialises in creating bespoke products that include phone cases, mirror cases, jewellery and much more.

I finally decided on the iphone case I wanted, after a long long debate as I liked so much!  My case finally arrived today, after a week, this was much quicker than I expected as each case is handmade and not a mass production.  I love it, and was worth the money I spent!  I'm so glad I bought it.

No one cover is the same.  Crystalise Boutique will do their best to tailor to your needs, so if there isn't something that suits you can always ask.

Find Crystalise Boutique on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/Crystalise_Btq

You won't be disappointed


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