Tuesday, 3 January 2012


So with a new year (yes I'm still talking about it!) you normally reflect on the previous year.  Like most people there are always moments you would rather forget and some that you will cherish forever.  Once again I asked Sin to tell me his favourite moments of 2011.  Unfortunately his mind went blank! Oh dear is that a sign of old age or a sign that marriage is making him boring!  (For those not married yet, don't worry, I think its a sign of old age!)

So with no help from my husband, I started thinking about key moments in 2011, and this is what I came up with: -
  • Getting to see Glee at the O2...I love Cory Monteith!

  • Seeing Joey Yung at the Royal Albert Hall

  • Watching Jenson Button winning the Canadian GP coming from last place, two collisions, a puncture and a drive through penalty!

  • Going to HK

  • Visiting Rome for the first time

    • Forever 21 opening in the UK.  I love this shop!

    • Getting through the year with no heavy snow in the south!  Thank god.  This is what I experienced the year before.  It was so thick I managed to dig myself a seat!

    • M&M world opening in the UK, its big!

    • Got a new job
    This list is only just some of my highlights. I'm set for 2012! Can't wait!


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