Monday, 9 January 2012

Time to lose some weight!

The other day I was about to get into my mum's car, what greeted me then took me by utter surprise.  On my seat was a booklet 'The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan'.  Great!  My mum trying to tell me something.  My mum has been telling me for a year how much weight I've put on.  However what was the biggest surprise, was that the person who put the booklet on my seat was not my mum but my dad!!  For my dad to say anything means its serious.  I have ballooned since I've been married!

So I finally signed up to Graze, healthy snacks by post is one of their phrases.  Whats great with Graze is that you get a selection box of 4 snacks and you have a say with the snacks, by choosing what you like out of 100 + selection.  Its £3.49 for a box of 4 and you can choose how often you want it delivered and when! Easy!

As you can probably see I couldn't completely say no to chocolate!

My weight losing plan has started today, no more cooked breakfasts or pastries, yoghurts and fruit all the way!  So if anyone sees me eating something I shouldn't, like my husband, call me 'piggy'!  I can take it!


PS If anyone wants to try out a free box from Graze, let me know as I have a code for you, you can use

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